anticipating where to sleep

it’s been 24 hours and the top 2 concerns I have moving into a van:

  • my family’s safety
  • where we are going to park and sleep

while driving tara to school this morning, i’ve made mental notes of all the quiet, somewhat decent, neighborhood streets we can park our home on and settle in for the night. trying to get a handle of what that would be like, how the kids will adjust and how will i cook dinner.


decision day

over the last couple months we’ve been searching high and low for vacation property, more specifically, vacant land we can plop a tiny house on.

terence found himself looking at vans and maybe living in one.

all four of us, living in a van.

ha, i laugh.

i’m still laughing but not at the thought of living in one but at me saying “sure, why not.”

we have tentatively set july 2018 as our transition day.


we are looking forward to purging our possessions and going on this journey together with our kiddos.