Meet our Vans

2018 Leisure Travel Van Serenity December 18, 2017 – July 8, 2021

Thank Vanessa for kicking off the start of small living.  From downsizing the townhouse, full time vanning, Philippines, more vans that eventually became rentals, and many many more adventures sprinkled in between the family appreciates all of it.


2005 Mercedes Sprinter “big boy” December 15, 2018 – Present

We had this van built up in with the intent to move 3 of us into as Tara was going to be heading into college.  This van was named “chariot” for a bit. This van has so much work done from mechanicals, paint, lights, and of course the living area inside.  Now called white van, it’s being used as a daily driver and beach hauler.

 2017 Ford Transit “Van Do It” Novemeber 22, 2019 – Novemember 1, 2021

Van Do It was a midroof Ford Transit.  It would be good a personal, 1 person van.  I couldn’t stand the head height.  It was traded in with the intention of getting the high roof version.  Solid van.

2019 Ford Transit “El Dorado”  September 21, 2021 – Present.

The “El Dorado” is a professionally built van by the fine folks at VanDoIt. We call it the “El” is because it’s an extended length van at 22 feet.  Love everything about a new van.  Bought with 53 miles on it, everything just works.  Van will make a good full time travel van, which will be coming in the near future.